Fiona Sheridan

Fiona studied under the instruction of Marion Turley at the world renowned Turley School of Irish Dancing in Coventry.

Fiona was fortunate to be crowned World Champion twice in her competitive career.

Geraldine Connelly

Geraldine definitely had Irish Dancing passed through the family. Geraldine's father and mother both avid Irish Dancers who passed on the flame both Geraldine and her brother Patrick who were both World and All Ireland Champions in Ceili's and Figure teams whilst competing for the Doherty Academy of Irish Dancing.

Geraldine's uncle, Tommy Connelly also teaches Irish Dancing in Banbury and Leamington Spa.

Kristy Coen

After seeing a display of Irish Dancing Kristy begged her parents to take her along to lessons and at 4yrs of age she joined the Doherty Academy of Irish Dancing in Coventry.

Kristy enjoyed her competitive career as an Irish dancer and was very dedicated to her Ceili and team dances as well as her solos, she went on to win many Regional and National titles throughout her years in competition.