What are the benefits of Irish Dancing?

  • Creates lifelong friendships

  • Teaches discipline

  • Builds confidence

  • Fun way to exercise

  • Education of Irish culture and tradition

  • Increases enduranCE

  • Unique skill to master

  • Strengthens listening skills

  • Practices good posture

  • Helps battle stage frIGHT

What age does my child have to be to begin Irish Dance lessons?
We welcome dancers from the age of four.

What should my dancer wear to class?
dancers should wear the correct attire for class, such as loose fitting t-shirts, vest tops and shorts. Dancers are not permitted to wear skirts or denim shorts. Hair should be neatly tied up and away from face.

What kind of shoes do they need?
Irish dance beginners wear shoes called, “ghillies” or “soft shoes.” We do not mandate buying a pair of shoes the first year. Your dancer can wear socks, ballet shoes or dance trainers. If your dancer seems interested in continuing to dance and you want to purchase shoes, you can purchase irish dancing shoes online. please feel free to discuss shoes with declan.

How do I find out about class cancellations?
If classes are cancelled due to inclement weather or any other unanticipated circumstance, it will be posted on the “news” section on this website, on our Facebook group, and you will be emailed.